2021/Week 7

Gong Xi Fa Cai Not sure how it is in the part of the world you live in, but where I am, Chinese New Year is the biggest social event on the calendar. Of course, I know this quite well now after living in Singapore for more than a couple of years now. But I …

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2021/Week 6

In the near future of work, to what extent do we see employers being liable for ensuring employee health and well-being? The world is still in the throes of the pandemic, but some parts which have been fortunate to experience a relatively lower incidence of infections and mortality have been resuming economic activity. This includes …

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2021/Week 5

January is over. Capitol Hill got stormed but America has a new president now. Back home, some said that the protesting farmers rampaging Red Fort on Republic Day was a repeat of the Capitol Hill siege. Well. The good news is that the pandemic is over in India – it may well be one of …

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Quarantine Reflections: Hope and Fear

This is my first attempt at maintaining a blog on my website. And what else to start with but COVID-19. Till last week, I felt I will start by talking about my own experience with the virus. But there is better stuff to talk about.