2023 Week 1 – Resolutions

I don’t recall the last time I made resolutions in a new year. As far as I can remember, I never have.


Although TBH, my memory doesn’t stretch much beyond the past 6 years. Parenthood transforms the way our brains are wired. Definitely for the better, because it doesn’t leave much space for anything that’s superfluous. That’s how I feel about not remembering things which I later deem to be unimportant. I don’t know of any empirical evidence which supports this feeling, so it can simply be because of ageing.


What I do know is that there is ample amount of compelling evidence which shows that most new year resolutions are forgotten by the first weekend of the new year. So I can find solace in this fact about not having failed. Writing a weekly blog post is one of the things I intend to do this year.


It is something that I’ve tried a few times in the past and failed. The only time I’ve been successful in blogging regularly was when I started a Ramadan blog over a decade ago.


When I started the blog, it was still early days for social media in India. Twitter and Facebook were a long way from the toxic wasteland they are today. People were fascinated about these new sources of information. They were finding new interests and making new friends. I was lucky to find an audience, much of it was because of supportive friends with large followings who found it interesting to hear a first person narrative about the experience of Ramadan and everything that forms part of it from a young professional who recently quit his corporate job and was on a journey of self-discovery in the big city of Delhi. As it goes, I found my voice and later, even developed an eye because that experience was one of my first steps towards photography, which I later made into a moderately successful career.


Anyway, here I am. Without a subject in mind, unlike then. And I’m trying to find a voice again. A different one or a few different ones, maybe.